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Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!!

My original intent was to write a fairly large post to ring in the new year on my website. I had it all mapped out in my head… I was going to write about what it’s like to be a free-lance musician in December… the grueling schedule of holiday gigs, teaching, and the occasional family or friend gathering.

I was going to write about performing in the pit for “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” an extra gig that came up which fit perfectly around my other holiday gigs. A gig that fit so perfectly that I only had one day off between the Monday after Thanksgiving and December 31st.
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Happy New Year!

To all my website visitors I would like to extend my wishes for a happy, prosperous, surprising, fantastic and satisfying new year!!

The Great Canadian Rockies Coffee Tour

Coffee Slogan

Well, my plan was to have this post published an online right away when we got back from our trip.. of course, the best intentions, etc. etc. Anyway, here it finally is!

The International Trumpet Guild annual conference this year was held in Banff, Alberta, Canada. As a certified professional trumpet geek it is my duty and obligation to attend as many of these events as I can, and this was no exception. The conference was fantastic, and many people with more skill and time on their hands than I have written much about it here.

As I was planning our trip out to Banff, I realized that this presented a wonderful opportunity to sample some of the great high-end coffee shops of Alberta. We don’t, as far as I know, have anything like these places in the Detroit area. I’m pretty sure the nearest would be Intelligencia in Chicago, and with gas prices as high as they are, we just can’t get out there very often.

With this in mind, I added an extra day to the beginning of the trip in Calgary, and another day at the end in Edmonton.

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Click here if you would like $25.00

I just signed up for a new money exchange service called Revolution Money Exchange. It’s basically an attempt to compete with PayPal, but this one carries no fees (Paypal charges you a percentage off the top of transactions).

Right now, as an incentive to get people to join, they’re offering to give you $25.00 to use as you like. Not a bad deal!!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money ExchangeI have checked this out. It’s a legitimate bank, backed in large part by Steve Case, founder of America Online. Enjoy your free money!!

Lunar Eclipse

The MoonTonight we had a total lunar eclipse, and the conditions were perfect for seeing and photographing it. This is an event where the Earth passes in between the moon and the sun, leaving it in shadow. The moon appears red during the total part of the eclipse, due to light refracting through the Earth’s atmosphere.

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