Dr. Flegg, I presume

Yes, it’s official!!! After many, many years (nearly 8, to be exact) I am finally Dr. Mark Flegg. In May, I received my Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Michigan State University.

My final lecture recital and document focused on the Sonata for Trumpet and Strings (or Piano), by Robert Bradshaw. I’ve know Robert personally, and have been very interested in his music, since I first heard about him back in 2003. It was a thrill to be able to share my passion for his music with the audience at my recital.

There are a million people whom I should thank, but for now I’ll leave it at just one: Richard Illman. Professor Illman (pictured with me, right, celebrating after commencement) was my mentor and guide through the academic labyrinth of MSU. He has been supportive, encouraging, and helpful to the extreme, and I’ll always be in his debt.

Mark Flegg

Dr. Mark Flegg is the Principal Trumpet with the Flint, MI Symphony Orchestra, and the creator of Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Journal.

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