How Much Should You Practice?

Students and parents often ask me how much time every day should be spent practicing. I usually answer that as a very general rule of thumb, if you take a 30 minute lesson once a week, then you should practice at least 30 minutes every day. But that is a very generic response. It’s really much more a matter of HOW you practice that makes the difference, and probably 60 or more percent of time in lessons we work on practice technique.

I just found this article through a friend’s facebook post: How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice?

It’s a great overview of some very useful ideas on how much time to spend in the practice room, and even more importantly, how to spend that time. It’s well worth a read!!

Mark Flegg

Dr. Mark Flegg is the Principal Trumpet with the Flint, MI Symphony Orchestra, and the creator of Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Journal.

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