Lunar Eclipse

The MoonTonight we had a total lunar eclipse, and the conditions were perfect for seeing and photographing it. This is an event where the Earth passes in between the moon and the sun, leaving it in shadow. The moon appears red during the total part of the eclipse, due to light refracting through the Earth’s atmosphere.

This was the first time something interesting has come along for me to photograph with my recently purchased Canon SX100 IS camera. I’m really pleased with the results!

Unfortunately, I had to stop photographing about 5 minutes into totality, as the moon passed too high for my camera to be able to catch it through the window. With an outdoor temperature of 15° Fahrenheit, I just wasn’t willing to go outside for more pictures!

Mark Flegg

Dr. Mark Flegg is the Principal Trumpet with the Flint, MI Symphony Orchestra, and the creator of Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Journal.

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