Music and Sandwiches

I recently came across a wonderful blog post written by composer and percussionist Ivan Trevino. Titled “Music and Sandwiches,” the post talks about Trevino’s experiences transitioning from music student to music professional.

Much of what he says resonated strongly with me. My own career has followed a similar “slow burn” trajectory. Over the years I have done many things besides perform and teach on the trumpet. I’ve worked behind a deli counter, in a hospital billing department, at an HVAC company, a commercial real estate brokerage, book store conglomerate, and internet start-up. Through it all, the music portion of my career slowly but steadily grew, until finally reaching the point where I was no longer able to spare time for my other career pursuits.

Students hoping to pursue music as a profession today can most likely expect a similar experience. I highly recommend visiting Mr. Trevino’s site and reading this post!

Click here to read Music and Sandwiches!

Mark Flegg

Dr. Mark Flegg is the Principal Trumpet with the Flint, MI Symphony Orchestra, and the creator of Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Journal.

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