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Back on February 11, 2013, I was honored to perform Robert Bradshaw’s Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble with the Wayne State University Wind Symphony. I’m happy to report that a video recording of the performance is now available online!!

The first and second movements are combined here:

And the last movement is here:

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Stuart Hollis - January 9, 2014

Love this performance.

I’m just getting back into my trumpet after a 30 year absence and Googled how to clean a trumpet which led me to your site. Thanks for the info and congratulations on a mesmerising performance. Such control.

Quick question – what mouthpiece do you use in this performance? I’ve just bought a basic Yamaha trumpet with it’s standard mouthpiece off Ebay (I used to have a Strad) and am finding it hard work. Is this just because I’m out of shape and need to retrain my muscles and lungs again or is the mouthpiece likely to play a big part? It does feel small but maybe my lips are too big.

Anyway keep up the good work! Regards, Stu

    markflegg - January 9, 2014

    Hi Stu, thanks very much for your kind words!!

    Regarding mouthpieces, in this video I’m using a Curry 1.5BC. I use a 1.5 rim for everything, and different cup depths and shapes depending on the situation.

    BUT, that doesn’t mean this would work for you. Think of it like shoes. I’d like to play tennis better than I do. Should I find out what size shoe Rafa Nadal wears and switch? Probably not. Same with mouthpieces.. you need to find the size that fits YOU!

    Maybe I should write an article about this…

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